Review: Pool Dominator

Another ShuffleComp review!  This one is for Pool Dominator by Destiny Spearmint (what a fantastic pseudonym!), which was inspired by the song Fuego by Bomba Estereo.  The official games list links to an English translation of the lyrics.  In this case I am going to go ahead and recommend listening to the song, and perhaps looking at the lyrics, before playing the game.  What kind of game do you think this is going to be?  What will the story be about?  Columbian street food, probably?

If you still haven’t played the game and would like to do so before I spoil anything/everything, now would be a good time to do that.

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Review: The Skeleton Key of Ambady

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to review very many games before the ShuffleComp 2015 judging period closes, given how often I typically post reviews here. So I decided that if I were going to review just one game, it would be this one, because it’s my favorite.

If you’ve played very many of the games in this comp, you realize that that’s saying something.

Why do I love this game so much? Because of the story. Because of the characters, and how I feel about them. Because of the number of choices where I care, a lot, about what will happen to the characters as a result of my choice. Because of how the game makes me feel when I play it.

I’m just going to feel free to spoil the entire game now, so if that bothers you, go play it. Or don’t? It’s fine with me if you don’t wanna. I don’t imagine this game is everyone’s cup of tea. Few things are. Oh but also none of this is gonna make any sense if you haven’t played it, because I’m not really going to explain. I’d pretend I’m sorry but I’m not. Go play it or don’t, OK?

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